a snapshot of sunday school

- Sunday School Starts:  

- Opening Activity: 

- Lesson: 

- Closing Activity: 

During the 9:30am service, the pastor will announce it's time for Sunday School. The Sunday School leaders will gather the kids at the front of the Sanctuary and then usher them outside to the play yard tables. 
Usually, we play a game like Simon Says or Red Light/Green Light. We might have a Scavenger Hunt. This activity will be loosely related to the lesson for the day. 
We'll either read out of one of our storybook bibles or act out the story for the kids, and then ask comprehensive questions. Some lessons we've done before include: Fruits of the Spirit, Living a Christ-like Life (James), and Characters of the Christmas Story. We close the lesson with a prayer. 
The kids move back to the tables for an activity that ties in with the lesson. It's usually a craft or a science experiment! Then we'll pass out memory bible verses and any other activity pages for the kids to take home. 

we seek to help our kids know God and in knowing god, know love and share that love with everyone, everywhere.

Meet the sunday school team.

Hayley O'Brien

Education Elder & Lead Teacher
Hayley serves as our Educational Elder at West Pres. After a hiatus of Sunday School, she stepped up to restart the program in a whole new way! Hayley grew up at West Pres and is excited to be teaching the ever growing community of children.

Mattie Motz

Lead Teacher
Mattie is a new addition to the children's ministry team and has been teaching at West Pres' Sunday School since Fall 2022. As someone who also grew up in this wonderful little church, she's loved working with Hayley to build a program that mixes some of West Pres' traditions with new traditions and fun activities. Mattie loves getting to know all the amazing kids and sharing the love of the gospel with them, all while making some really fun arts and crafts! 

what are bible bucks?

Kids can earn Bible Bucks in several ways and then spend them on toys from the Treasure Box on the last Sunday of each month. Donations for the Treasure Box are always welcome and very much appreciated! Please contact Hayley O'Brien or Mattie Motz if you would like to donate.

5 ways to earn Bible bucks

Memorizing the weekly Bible verse
Completing the take-home activity
Bringing a friend to Sunday School
Answering questions about our lesson
Showing a fruit of the spirit