paul clairville


Paul Clairville has been the pastor of WestPres for more years than he can remember, but he is old and senile.
Paul was raised in Southern California, a Theater Major, who received his BA in Sociology, from Sacramento State, Paul and Carol, his wife of 40 years, have four kids. Paul is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary.

Staff Directory

Video Production coordinator

Matt Bond

Deacon and Event Coordinator

Carol Clairville

Toddler Room Care Provider

Rosa de la Torre

Preschool Director

Kendra Holly


Mike Maldonado


Donna Martley

Music Coordinator

office administrator

Jeff Robertson

Beka Maynes


clerk of session

Paul Rogus

Missions Elder

DJ McIntosh

education elder

Hayley O'Brien

Finance ELder

Snookie Baird

Membership Elder

Sarah Tacoma

Personnel Elder

Linda Rosoff

buildings & grounds elder

Mike Budzik

what do elders do & how do i become one?

The group of active ruling elders, elected by the congregation, who make decisions for the running of the local church and serve as spiritual leaders of the congregation. The session has responsibility and power to: provide that the Word of God be preached and heard, primarily through worship; authorize the celebration of the sacraments; receive and dismiss members; provide for the education, ordination, mission, and care of members; oversee financial stewardship and church property; and maintain discipline.  To become an elder, you are chosen by our nominating committee and voted in by the congregation. An elder's term is three years, and they can serve up to two terms.


Carol Clairville        Mike Boehret

Helen O'Brien   William Bemiller     

Henry Kloch    Sheyanne Palmer

Jeannette Tashjian   Rick White

Josh Clairville      Jenny Lunsford

Music team

Jeff Robertson   Rick Brannon

Tom Sullivan   Charles Maynes

John Chew   Colton Goss

Beka Maynes

media staff

Matt Bond

Martyn Evans

Shane Arenal

Sunday School

Hayley O'Brien

Mattie Motz

youth group

Dani O'Brien

Beka Maynes

what do deacons do & how do i become one? 

Being a deacon is much more than just the miscellaneous jobs that we do around the church, it's a calling. Service to our church and the greater community is what we're all about!

The regular responsibility of the Deacons is to make sure the sanctuary is ready for each and every time we come together to worship. Every Saturday, as well as for several special services like Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, and Christmas Eve, one or two Deacons straighten the pews and set up the coffee so that the sanctuary is ready for worship. Additionally, for the first Sunday of each month, we set up communion. Deacons arrange for, provide, and set up palms for Palm Sunday, lilies for Easter, and poinsettias and decorations for Christmas as well as the typical needs of service like candles, pews, and communion.  

Deacons also lead and coordinate several missions efforts, which you can read more about here. 

For more information on Deacons, please contact Clarol Clairville.