we really don't take ourselves too seriously

IMAGINE is a ministry catered to our church's creative side.   So whether you're a theatre geek or not, you should join us! It'll be fun. It's where the whole "we don't take ourselves too seriously" mantra really comes into play. With a location as good as Burbank, CA, we have a quite talented congregation.

It started with Nativity: The Musical a show created by Greg and Melissa Baldwin which was a retelling of the Nativity story--but with an SNL feel to it. The show ran for over 10 years.  The Baldwins also were the minds behind other church productions such as annual Fourth of July shows, Easter Sunday musical numbers, and of course what every church should have, an Oscar Sunday Extravaganza. The Baldwins have moved out of California, but their legacy at West Pres remains as the IMAGINE program is still in work.

holiday variety show

Before Nativity: The Musical, West Pres started off with a Christmas Variety Show. Think Charlie Brown Christmas Special. With a mix of specialty acts from family numbers to a clarinet player with a bird on his shoulder -- the show was quite a spectacle.

While brainstorming the return of the IMAGINE program, Nativity alums, Dani O'Brien and Beka Maynes went back to the original format of the West Pres Christmas Show, and thus the Christmas Variety Show was created.

Run by Helen O'Brien (Director), Dani O'Brien (Choreographer), Beka Maynes (Music Director) and with Bill Motz as head writer, the show's main priority was to showcase the talents of West Pres members while celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. The show had two large group numbers (an opener and closer), a children's number,  solo acts, and four skits. With a cast and crew of around 50 people, one of the show's goals was to give everyone the chance to contribute however they wanted. This included allowing the cast to pick their own songs and to perform and write their own sketches. 

Watch last year's show here

Oscar sunday show

Oscar Sunday used to be a full hour-long show in place of the traditional Sunday morning service. Past shows would highlight movies that had been released that year, mixed with celebrating topical films throughout history.
Being a church in Burbank, it is no surprise that our congregation takes the Academy Awards as seriously as the Super Bowl.

It might be a little "Hollyweird" but we celebrate Oscar Sunday. It's a tradition!
In 2023, Oscar Sunday made its return as a one musical number special, honoring all the nominees for Best Picture. It's one more way to be creative, join a community, and have fun here at West Pres.
This year's Oscar Sunday will be Sunday, March 10th

Easter Sunday

As Easter is arguably the most important day in the Christian faith, it is only appropriate that we do something memorable for the service. Most of the time, it includes a specialty number relating to the day.

If there is one thing Pastor Paul reminds us, it's that Easter is not about the bunny...yet every time he mentions this, the Easter Bunny comes out to correct him!

Fourth of July

In the past, West Pres would put on an entire Fourth of July Extravaganza, highlighting the ups and downs of the U.S.A. (usually with songs from Hamilton.)  

In place of this, you can now expect a single musical number that just screams Americana. This past year, we invited Elwood and Jake to perform "Soul Man" during the service.  All in good fun and spirit, you can always expect the unexpected at West Pres!

Have any questions about our Imagine Ministry? You can contact our Worship Elder, Beka Maynes, with any questions:  or you can fill out the form below!