Who Should Volunteer:  Please only sign up if you are feeling healthy (displaying no symptoms of COVID-19), and have not traveled out of the country or come in contact with a sick person in the past 14 days.  It is important that we continue to maintain social distancing practices.

As Members In Need come forward, we will reach out to the appropriate volunteers via email or text message.  If you are able to help a Member in Need, both parties will be connected and you will be responsible for arranging the fine details, including reimbursement/payment in advance for delivered goods.

As Needed; As Available: Since we are in a very unique time, everything is subject to change. We understand that people‚Äôs daily lives, city/state lock downs, etc. will be constantly in flux. This is on an as-needed basis for all volunteers.  Our initial goal is to be able to successfully respond to and provide for a MIN within a 72 hour window.  The more volunteers that sign up, the more we are able to help.