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Meetings are on Sunday nights from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.
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Capture the flag, ultimate chicken football, overnight "lock-ins", doing stuff for Jesus and much more stuff  make up only a small portion of what  brings these amazing kids together in Jesus'  name again and again. All all are  welcome to attend any of our meetings and  events to see just what we're up to now.

Meet our Education Minister

Ben Banner grew up in Seattle Washington, where he was introduced to Jesus by some friends who were a part of a local church community. The youth group of that church became a second family for him, and that church became a second home. Providentially, his mother attained a job at a Christian University, making it financially possibly for him to attend. Thus, he attended Seattle Pacific University, and then Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California, where he double-majored in Music and Art. He went on to complete a graduated program at UCSB, where he received his M.Ed. and teaching credentials.

Not too long after not accepting a job as a teacher, he once again became a student — this time at Fuller Theological Seminary, where it took him far less time than one would think to master the divine (i.e. graduate with a Master of Divinity degree).

Ben has always been a proponent of changing the name of his degree to “Mastered by Divinity,” but it has yet to catch on. That said, he does acknowledge one practical benefit to having an M.Div, and that is the freedom it has given him to comfortably write in third person, as he is doing now…but he digresses.

After an angel wrestled him into submission (at least in this one respect), he was subsequently ordained in the Presbyterian Church of the United States of America.

Perhaps it is appropriate at this point in the story to introduce the heroine — Tiffany Epps, who found herself Tiffany Banner before she knew it. God’s grace had never been so tangible in either of their lives, and the only thing that could have possibly multiplied their joy entered their lives the day some happy stork flew Blaise Julian Banner into a world almost as big as his head (which was and still is in the 98th percentile, while his body has only ever achieved 50th percentile status).

Finally, if the grace, kindness, and joy of Christ they continue to experience were written down, and every stalk were a quill, and the sky of parchment made, and…well you get the idea. Let’s just say there would be a lot of dead fish. In any case, albeit admittedly omitting a few minor details here and there, this brings us up to date, where we find Ben and Tiffany finding — you! And they simply cannot contain their excitement!

They are confident that, whatever twists and turns their story may take from here, God will continue to be faithful in every circumstance, as he has been, to maintain creative freedom, as their author and perfecter.

Ben and Tiff

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