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Memories of Nadia Griffing 1989 - 2005
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Peggy Schellenger (Jennie’s Grandmom)
I remember the enthusiasm about all the things exciting in her life and the concern for others in their times of need.

Deena Sward
I remember having the privilege of teaching Nadia in Sunday School twice back then. She is a “Great kid.”

Scott McGinnis
Nadia has been a blessing to me and all of us here at WestPres. I miss seeing her smile every Sunday.

Karin Allison
I didn’t know Nadia, but as a mom of a daughter, I imagine the pain of such a loss. An early journey home… I can’t fathom God’s reasoning, but cling to the fact that He is on the Throne. May the Lord Himself dwell in you and with your family in a tangible way, with His peace and comfort enveloping you.

Megan Hinchliffe
When I first came to this church as a spritely 4th Grade girl; Nadia, Carol, and Rose were there with open arms --- wide open arms! I have had the joy, the honor, the privilege of watching Nadia bloom from a joy-filled young girl into a joy-filled young woman. When I think of Nadia, my mind is flooded with images of unabashed and unbridled joy and love. Nadia lived life and she lived it out loud—way out loud. She was never afraid to let her light shine and shine it did. I feel so blessed to have known and loved her, and even more blessed to have had her know and love me. I thank God for every moment. One of my favorite memories is running into Nadia at the Roller Rink and hearing her excitedly talk of her roller skating classes and adventures.

Stephanie Jong
I remember how helpful Nadia has always been. She always wanted to help me water the plants, etc. I know Sam and Della are taking care of her now. She’ll be missed very much.

Christina Getchell
She was ALWAYS full of energy, and was fun to be around. I will miss her!! RIP. I love you.

Kim Straaberg
I can remember Nadia as a loving, spirited young woman, not afraid to share her faith in Christ. It was an inspiration to all of the youth and those around her. Her joy will always be remembered and I personally will always admire it.

Becky Hinchliffe
Carol, I can’t think of a specific occasion only that when I think of Nadia, I see that big smile and hug I would get each time I’d see her. I had the honor of watching her grow from an adorable child into al beautiful, caring young lady full of love and life. You did a terrific job and should be very proud.
I will always be touched by Nadia’s presence and feel very blessed for this. Love, Becky
P.S. I have no doubt where she is or what she is up to!!

Jareth Holt
I do not claim to have known Nadia for long, but I knew her well. I tutored her in math; words cannot express the pride I have for Nadia. Her personality was so vital, I could never walk away sad. I hope that you can cope. It will help to know that I, and all of her friends, loved her dearly. She was simply amazing; have pride in Nadia. We will never forget her.

Jerry (Baja Fresh)
Nadia had to go to the bank once on a 10 minute break to get money to eat. She always made us laugh with her stories. We at Baja will all miss her.

Gabriella Caparco
I will never forget the times Nadia and I shared through-out the years. We have both grown up in this church, and in that time we grew closest at Calvin Crest. There was one particular day that it was raining very hard, and she and I sat on her bunk and we talked about life, and things to pray about for each other. It was an amazing time, and in those moments, I saw the purity of Nadia’s heart and soul, and her love toward people, and her love for God, her Savior.

Lisa Caparco
Our prayer concerns and praises “warrior.” You could always count on Nadia to share. She was bubbly, upbeat, out-going and bold. Nadia always made sure to put a smile on all of our faces. Nadia is a gift and joy... enjoy your everlasting life with our Lord and Savior.

Maribel and Marisol (Memas)
Great friend that always gave great advice. She was always there when we needed her. She was our sister.

Dr. Denny Thompson, Principal
Nadia was once sent to my office for being tardy. After listening to me, she winked and thanked me “for spending my time with such a bad kid”… If that wasn’t enough to put me in my place, she commented, after looking at a picture of my 2 year old grand-daughter… “Gee, Dr. Thompson, looking at this picture of such a beautiful kid, I now know that I can have beautiful grandkids…. Even if I marry someone as ugly as you!” What can I say? … She won as she usually did. With respect, Dr. Denny Thompson

Nadia was an enthusiastic prayer. For her friends her family and church members. A cheery person, she enjoyed life. We knew her all her life. She will be sorely missed.

Jeremiah Bowden
It was a real pleasure to baby-sit Nadia in the nursery for several years from cradle until she left us for Sunday School. Nadia was very attentive and loved to have books read to her. She was always smiling, etc.

Shirley Gibbs
She was my other daughter! She filled Kim’s shoes in so many ways. Taylor loved her so much. She was the sister he always wanted! We loved her so much!

Barbara (neighbor) Gibbs and Kristen
A bacon sandwich will never be eaten the same with me. She loved my bacon sandwiches, I probably will not eat one again without remembering Nadia eating one with me. She was a wonderful girl and will be very missed.

Carole Rosenblum, Principal Glenfeliz Blvd.
We were privileged to have Nadia at Glenfeliz since Kindergarten and she was a loving, positive, delightful spirit and wonderful student. She always helped me and all her teachers. I know she is in heaven because of her loving heart.

I remember Nadia standing up in church asking for prayers to get a license, to get a job, to graduate, etc. I just loved her. I’m so sorry… I’ll miss her.

Jane Rector (Joyce Barrow’s sister)
It is an honor to be here today to celebrate Nadia. She sounds like she was a wonderful daughter. I was pleasantly surprised to see some of the teachers and teachers-aides from Glenfeliz Elementary where Nadia went to school and where I used to work. God bless your whole family. God bless and comfort you. John 14.
Love from ELA

Melody (Matt’s sis)
I Nadia with all my heart. I, Matthew and our family are here for you whenever you need us. We love you and she will be missed greatly.

Tom, Lisa, Patrick and Michael Sullivan
What a huge, huge heart Nadia has. She has touched all of us with her joy.
We will always remember wet hair in a pony tail, spaghetti straps and wonderful prayers and praises. For a person her age, she really had great focus on the Lord. We will miss her in the back of the church, but know she is continuing her good works in the BIG BIG HOUSE up above. We are always here for you. Love and blessings always, The Sullivans

I wish I could remember when I first heard that Nadia was born,
if it was before I first met you as a wonderful boss, or after - just that it was wonderful. God bless you always.

Michaela DeMasters
Every Sunday I looked forward to Nadia standing and telling us what was going on in her life. She always had happy things to share. I also spent a week with Nadia at Calvin Crest, and we spent hours talking about anything and everything. Religion, Faith, life, and death. Those hours opened my mind to an entirely new way of looking at things, and I will cherish them forever.

Sharon Thomas, Principal – Taft High School
Nadia was a very caring person. In my conversations with her, she expressed her deep love for her mother and grandmother. She looked so beautiful when I saw her and spoke to her two days before she died.

Felicia Sanchez
We had a lot of fun at Summer Camp. The overnight camping trip was the best. We were both scared because of the story Juan (aka: Spiderman) told. You were a great friend. I will not forget the great times.

Joe G.
Thanx for the morning smiles and hugs. I wrote a poem that I posted in school for you. Thank you.

Ms. Long – Counselor
Nadia was so enthusiastic about starting a new school year. She proudly came into the counseling office to plan her schedule because she was doing so well this semester.

Dottie Madison & Family
As precious as she was on earth, she will continue to be a precious angel of God. May He bless you and comfort you.

Joann & Manuel
Nadia, you are a sweet sweet girl… You will be at the best place of all time. We’ll miss you.

Kelly Miller
The first time I met Nadia was in Fellowship Hall, when I went up to her and told her that I loved her “I Love Lucy purse.” She was so nice. I will miss her even though I didn’t really know her. God bless the whole family. I am here if you need anything. Your friend, Kelly

Bev Miller
Nadia was so bubbly and cheerful --- she always brought a smile to my face!

Bonnie Shubb
Dear Carol,
Although I never had the opportunity to meet Nadia – I wanted to be here to let you know my thoughts and my prayers are with her and you at this time. May your beliefs give you the strength you need to go on.
With loving fondness, Bonnie

Scott Lawrence
I never had the opportunity to meet Nadia. The joy and happiness that you brought to each is always evident in your speaking of her, especially when she got her job at Baja Fresh. My thoughts are with you my friend.

Marilyn K.
Nadia – Your sweet fragrance will be missed. It is wonderful to know that we will meet again in heaven with our dear Lord who reigns forever.

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