12/10/17 Great Interview Series 2
12/03/17 Caesar and Herod
11/26/17 Trustworthiness Beats Out Truthiness
11/19/17 Stranded in Baggage Claim
11/12/17 Yada, Yada, Yada
11/05/17 Jesus Loves Me, This I Know?
10/29/17 He is a Fool Who Cannot be Angry
10/22/17 Groove Into Which the Needle Drops
10/15/17 Fill-It-Full
10/08/17 The Life of Faith is In-Tents
10/01/17 Who, or What, Excites Your Atoms?
09/24/17 Saline, Takes Me To Where...
09/17/17 Suffering for All the Right/Wrong Reasons
09/10/17 Conflicted Peacemaking
09/03/17 The Great Exploding Balloon Trick
08/27/17 See With Their Eyes
08/20/17 So Right You're Worng
08/13/17 Humility, the Trait of Which I am Proud
08/06/17 Day Dreaming of Bed Linens
07/30/17 Fighting Anhidrosis
07/16/17 Sknowflakes
07/16/17 God's GPS
07/09/17 Hearing and Seeing What We Could Not
06/25/17 The Good Catastrophe
06/18/17 Pentacost
06/11/17 Not How I Thought it was Going to Go
06/04/17 How Long?
05/28/17 The Toy Dragon in the Creche
05/21/17 Start Making Sense
05/14/17 A Little Bit of Prophecy Repeating
05/07/17 Racing Silks of Good and Evil
04/30/17 Messy People Welcomed
04/23/17 No Center? No Circumference
04/16/17 Put the Shovel Down!
04/09/17 Living Life Like A Beer Commerial
04/02/17 The Church is Not an Ikea
03/26/17 Apocalypse Becomes A Rorschach Test
03/19/17 When Printer's Ink is Embalming Fluid
03/12/17 You'll Never Walk Alone
03/05/17 Come With Me, and You'll Be...
02/19/17 Yes, That's All There Is. Get Over It.
02/12/17 You Can Learn to Be You In Time
02/05/17 The Tale of the Test Tube Church
01/29/17 Not Fake News
01/22/17 Who I Am, and Whose I Am
01/15/17 Not A New Hope, Just the Regular Kind
01/08/17 An Imperfect Perfection
01/01/17 What Kind of Year Has it Been?
12/25/16 Christmas Service
12/18/16 140 Characters
12/11/16 A Church Walks Into A Bar
12/04/16 And This Little Child Shall Lead...
11/27/16 The With-Us God
11/20/16 Karma Chameleon
11/13/16 Children as a Statement of Faith
11/06/16 Do It Again, Daddy!
10/30/16 Dept of Christland Security
10/23/16 Help! I Need Somebody
10/16/16 The Ordination or Eric Lindsey
10/16/16 Remember to Tip Your Servers
10/09/16 Don't Worry, Things Can Get Worse
10/02/16 Chosen Fruit Bearers
09/25/16 Good News! You're Wrong!
09/18/16 The Fool Looks at the Lightning
09/11/16 A Selfie With Jesus
09/04/16 Here, There, or Up in the Air
08/28/16 Bending to Kiss Her Crooked Mouth
08/21/16 The Promise Keeper
08/14/16 Forerunnering
08/07/16 Diapers and Politicians
07/31/16 God's Call to Abram - Sound Familiar?
07/24/16 Open Your Ear Lids
07/17/16 I'm Not Dead Yet
07/10/16 Sew Seeds, Trust the Promise
06/26/16 Limbic Lag
06/19/16 Rage Against the Machine
06/12/16 Them's Fighting Words
06/05/16 Oops, I Forgot I Was Dead
05/29/16 The Death of Death
05/22/16 Time to Commence Commencin'
05/15/16 Neener, Neener, Neener
05/08/16 Planting Sequoias
05/01/16 The Birth of a Baby to a Hopeless Lady
04/24/16 But Now
04/17/16 A B'rit Milah of the Heart
04/10/16 There Are No Perfect Prayers
04/03/16 What if I'm the School Bully?
03/27/16 Is the Wedding More Important?
03/20/16 High Noon
03/13/16 When In Rome
03/06/16 Character Arc Not Unlike Elmer Fudd
02/21/16 Extended Stay Gehenna
02/14/16 Can't Step Twice into the Same River
02/07/16 The Sheep at Solomon's Porch
01/31/16 Indisputable Logic of the Babel Fish
01/24/16 It's What Our Fathers Taught Us
01/17/16 Geek Alert: Who Is Rey?
01/10/16 A Tour Guide Thru the Valley of Shadow
01/03/16 The Surround-Sound God
12/27/15 What Kind of Year has it Been?
12/24/15 How God Became King
12/20/15 Glamping
12/13/15 The Terrible Demise of Tubby
12/06/15 The Great Joy Story
11/29/15 Peaceful Anxiety
11/22/15 I Surgery
11/15/15 Believing My Own Press Kit
11/08/15 Yes, Jesus Loves...
11/01/15 The Great Vacuum Cleaner Mnemonic
10/25/15 The Evil Within
10/18/15 Debtors, Trespassers and Sinners
10/11/15 Restfully Active
10/04/15 Who's Hungry?
09/27/15 Who's The King?
09/20/15 The Pit of the Pendulum
09/13/15 Father's Dei
09/06/15 Trellis
08/30/15 If I Were A Rich Man
08/23/15 Defenestrating Deception
08/16/15 Believing My Own Press Kit
08/09/15 Conflicted Peacemaking
08/02/15 Put the Candle Back
07/26/15 Fast Food Sexuality
07/19/15 Rocks Are Heavier Today
07/12/15 Sabbath
07/05/15 Ice Cream & Manure
06/21/15 Eye Doll A Tree
06/14/15 God's Top-Ten List
06/10/15 Why the Law? Rabbi Mark Goodman
06/07/15 A Drunk, an Idolater, a Prostitute...
05/24/15 Full of Sound and Fury
05/17/15 The Domestication of God
05/10/15 I'll Take Potpourri for 1000 Part Deux
05/03/15 I'll Take Potpourri for 1000
04/26/15 A Secret Decoder Ring!
04/19/15 Homophobic Judgmental Hypocrites
04/12/15 Swimming Lessons In An Empty Pool
04/05/15 Real
03/29/15 Soul Salsa
03/15/15 Killer Butterflies
03/08/15 My Life As A Jenga Piece
03/01/15 Someone Is On Your Side
02/15/15 Growing Pains
02/08/15 Bigger on the Inside than the Outside
02/01/15 Intolerant Tolerance
01/18/15 Getting Out of God's Way
01/11/15 Preaching on Patience? Are You Mad?
01/04/15 Forgiving Grace
12/28/14 What Kind of a Year Has it Been?
12/24/14 An Army in Diapers
12/07/14 Kintsugi [Video Link]
11/30/14 Free Choice, Good Choice
11/26/14 Thanksgiving Eve 2014
11/23/14 I Hope You'll Dance
11/16/14 I am the Most Proud of My Humility
11/09/14 Switching Off The Cloaking Device
10/26/14 Journey to Ithaca
10/19/14 The Ark Was Messy
10/12/14 Homecoming Sunday
10/05/14 Blowing the Lid off the City on a Hill
09/28/14 Farcical Ceremonies and Gordian Knots
09/21/14 The Physics of Hell - Apropos, eh?
09/14/14 Bless You
09/07/14 Co-Conspirators
08/31/14 Radical Obedience
08/24/14 Holy Spelunking
08/17/14 Where Will You Lay Your Bricks?
08/10/14 School of Rock
08/03/14 Thrive
07/27/14 Graduate-Level Dairy Products
07/20/14 May You Never Star in a Reality TV Show
07/13/14 Running Into Burning Buildings
07/06/14 Small "c" Catholic
06/22/14 Hoisted On His Own Petard
06/15/14 Help Wanted, Inquire Within
06/08/14 Camping With Bears
06/01/14 A Cord of Three Strands
05/26/14 Memorial Day
05/25/14 Having Enough
05/18/14 Yes
05/11/14 Flatulence of Flatulence!
05/04/14 Wake Up God
04/27/14 None of Us Gets Out of Here Alive
04/20/14 On Earth Like Ya Do In Heaven
04/13/14 Sprinting Through the Valley
04/06/14 The God Who Wounds and Binds Up
03/30/14 Life Is Pain, Highness
03/23/14 Next Time Someone Asks If You're A God
03/09/14 Stepping Back from the MacGuffin
02/23/14 Normal Unusualness
02/16/14 Loving on Purpose
02/09/14 A Thou as Truly as He is an I
02/02/14 The Tattooed Heart
01/26/14 Don't Skip on the Cake and Wine
01/19/14 Sub Specie Aeternitatis
01/12/14 Hold Up There, Antaeus
12/29/13 What Kind of Year has it Been?
12/22/13 Ludicrous Things
12/15/13 Our Standing Place and Our Wings
12/08/13 The Skeletal System of Mystery
12/01/13 Light Life
11/24/13 Merci, Gracias, Arigato, Thanks!
11/17/13 Epic Commitment Apparatus Fail
11/10/13 Learnin' Hurts My Head
11/03/13 Limbic Lag
10/27/13 Seeking Our Thin Places
10/20/13 Stuff That Works
10/13/13 Then A Miracle Occurs
10/06/13 THE Timelord
09/29/13 It's Snake Handlin' Sunday!
09/22/13 Ya Gotta Love Them
09/15/13 My Dancing Monkey-god Show
09/08/13 Oikonomia
09/01/13 God's Got This
08/25/13 Joy Made Complete by Coming Home
08/18/13 Spare Some Change
08/11/13 The Truth About Faith
08/04/13 Our Mess is our Message
07/14/13 What Sort of Love is This?
07/07/13 Do You Know Him?
06/23/13 Liar Liar Pants on Fire!
06/16/13 The Dude Abides
06/02/13 On Your Way to the Jubilee
05/26/13 Epilogue
05/19/13 Time to Commence Commencin'
05/12/13 Mother's Day
05/05/13 Going All Darwin on Ya
04/28/13 Citizens of the Kingdom Lose
04/21/13 "I Got This" - God
04/14/13 Grace for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
04/07/13 Closing Our Spirit's Foramen Ovale
03/31/13 Meeting Plato and Shakespeare
03/24/13 Proving Wrong About What Is Right
03/17/13 Hating Hate?
03/10/13 Cohabitation
03/03/13 Gazing Through A Johari Window
02/17/13 Gentrification of Way, Truth and Life
02/10/13 Living In Denial
02/03/13 Frienemy
01/20/13 The Man Behind the Curtain
12/30/12 What Kind of Year Has It Been?
12/23/12 Chemotaxis
11/25/12 Calvinball!
11/18/12 Vocation All I Ever Wanted
11/11/12 A Blind Man Walks Into A Bar
11/0/12 I Have Such Doubts!
11/28/12 Changed At Our DNA
10/21/12 There's Mud In Your Eye
10/07/12 It Is Absurd, Therefore I Believe It
09/30/12 Who's Your Daddy?
09/23/12 When Scripture Becomes Autobiographical
09/16/12 Vocabulary Deciphered by the Cross
09/09/12 Darkest Skies will Someday see the Sun
09/02/12 Sex in the City
08/26/12 These Aren't The Droids You're Looking For
08/19/12 Cool Clear Water
08/12/12 The LGBTQ Banquet at Chik-Fil-A
08/05/12 Learning the Truth about Despair
07/29/12 I Double Dog Dare You
07/22/12 Credere ut Intelligere
07/08/12 This is a Test
07/01/12 The Search for Life
06/24/12 Anti-Antinomianism
06/17/12 The Church of Censorship, Intolerance
06/10/12 Why So Serious
06/03/12 Indescribable
05/27/12 A Well of Scandal
05/20/12 Planting in the Hydroponic Soil
05/13/12 I Surrender... Some
05/06/12 Jesus Is In the Building
04/15/12 The Wonder Bread of Christianity
04/08/12 Oh! The Normalcy of it All! (Easter Service)
03/25/12 The Thread that Makes the Cloth
03/18/12 Are We Alone?
03/11/12 What Do We Do With A God Who Weeps?
03/04/12 Praying Like A Man Falling Down Stairs
02/12/12 Two Mule Loads of Dirt
02/05/12 Spiritual Chemotherapy
01/22/12 Planting Our Empire of Dirt
01/15/12 Gospel-Shaped People
01/08/12 There Must be a Pony in Here Somewhere
01/01/12 What Kind of Year Has It Been?
12/25/11 The Whole Family
12/18/11 You Are The Man
12/11/11 God of the Outsider
12/04/11 A Fargo Style of Sin
11/27/11 My Dinner With Jesus
11/20/11 Beyond Magic Thinking
11/13/11 Instant Power
11/06/11 Hello Dali
10/30/11 Tradition
10/23/11 Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho
10/16/11 The Monkey on my Back Has a Gun
10/09/11 The Will and the Wine
09/18/11 Good for the Soul, Bad for the Rep
09/11/11 The Rising
09/04/11 Prayer: Always On
08/28/11 Ceasing To Be Eye-Servants
08/21/11 More Joy In One Ethnic Wedding
08/14/11 Expectation As A Verb
08/07/11 Solvitur Ambulando
07/31/11 Shhh
07/17/11 Affluenza
07/10/11 The Third Rail of Christianity
07/03/11 No Wine So Wonderful as Thirst
06/26/11 Twenty Times More Amphetamine
06/12/11 More Than S&H Green Stamps
06/05/11 Sucking In Orderliness
05/29/11 An Indication of our Greatness
05/15/11 In A Spiderhole
05/08/11 Mother's Day
05/01/11 Neurosis Is Always A Substitute
04/24/11 We Need Some Light
04/17/11 When You Stare Into The Abyss
04/10/11 The Faith of Abraham
04/03/11 Sam, Sam, He's Our Man
03/27/11 Hospice
03/20/11 Long Anger
03/13/11 No One Leaves Serenity
03/06/11 Transposing Life Into A Higher Key
02/27/11 The Great Adventure
02/20/11 Theotokos
02/13/11 Do Be Do Be Do
02/06/11 Professional Pedestal Divers
01/30/11 Looking For People Who Like To Draw
01/23/11 Once Upon A Time
01/16/11 I Want To Ride My Bicycle
01/09/11 But Enough About Me
01/02/11 What Kind Of A Year Has It Been?
12/26/10 I Feel So Much Better
12/24/10 Vicit Angus Noster Eum Sequamur
12/19/10 Closing Escrow
12/12/10 Living On A Latte And A Prayer
12/05/10 Magnificent Disappointment
11/28/10 God Always Shows Up, But Never Early
11/14/10 The Holey Bible
11/07/10 Amplify Everything, Hear Nothing
10/31/10 Thou Shalt Not Kill Zombies
10/24/10 Gettin' Washed Up
10/17/10 Get Off Your Butt
10/10/10 Lost? So Are We
10/03/10 Phenomenal Cosmic Powers!
09/26/10 Faded Credulity
09/19/10 A Limping Church
09/12/10 Thou Shalt Not Eat Rocks
09/05/10 We Begin At The End
08/29/10 A Long Obedience In The Same Direction
08/22/10 I Do What The Voice Tells Me
08/15/10 Our Benevolent, Multi-headed Dictatorship
08/08/10 Dorothy Gale: Evangelist
08/01/10 The McDonaldization of the Church
07/25/10 The Book of Me
07/18/10 This is our Story
07/11/10 Sermon on the Amount
07/04/10 4th of July Service
06/27/10 An REM Of The Soul
06/20/10 Participating As A Producer
06/13/10 Calling All Sinners - Let's Party
06/06/10 So You Think You Got Talent?
05/30/10 WestPres, Now In Living Color [Video Link]
05/23/10 Picnicking With The Homeless
05/16/10 Parties for Prostitutes [Video Link]
05/09/10 What Is The Sin Of Arizona?


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