A baby-boomer who loves his family almost as much as he loves Jesus, the Reverend Paul W. Clairville was raised in Southern California and felt the call to serve Christ when he was a junior in high school. Since then he never thought of doing anything else.

In pursuit of serious ministry, he first attended California State University at Los Angeles, where he studied theater. Why theater? To Paul, effective ministry isn't simply "preaching"; neither is it merely "showmanship". An intimate sense of personal interaction with a congregation—both in and out of church—is crucial to comprehensive ministry.

Paul then transferred to California State University at Sacramento, where he studied and received his Bachelors degree in Sociology, but more importantly, where he met his wife, Carol.

Paul graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, with his Masters of Divinity in May of 1984.  His first call was to a “yoked” parish in Reserve and Glenwood, New Mexico.

In the Fall of 1985, the Clairvilles were called back to Southern California, where Paul worked as Associate Pastor at Shepherd of the Valley Presbyterian Church in Hacienda Heights, in the area of children’s education and youth ministry.

After serving at SOTV for five and a half years the Clairvilles were called to Boulevard Presbyterian in Columbus, Ohio, so that they could work in the area of adult education and see what snow looked like. It was at Boulevard that Paul and Carol began an internal new church development, ministering to a congregation of baby-Boomers and baby-busters, that eventually grew to around one hundred people.

In February of 1996 the Clairvilles took their fourth and present call at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Burbank. The congregation at Burbank is a growing group of people who are seeking God’s will and attempting to be a prophetic witness for Christ in their neighborhood.

Carol and Paul have four children: Zachary Paul, Joshua Alan, DJ (short for Debra Jeannette), and John.

Oh, yes. And he prefers simply to be known as "Paul".

Paul loves mountain biking, working on his home, and running (mostly back and forth to the coffee machine). Paul and Carol enjoy leading singing in worship and perform drama together. When they retire, they would love to find a small theater troupe and grow old together acting.


Happily married for over
28 years: our Pastor and
his lovely wife, Carol.

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